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Loch Libo lies adjacent to the village of Uplawmoor on the main Barrhead to Irvine road. It is at the end of a fairly narrow valley containing a small burn, and seems to have been formed by collapsed mine workings. Depths, however, are not substantial, generally around four feet with a silty bottom in most areas. The loch is owned by the Scottish Wildlife Trust and around half of the bank area is a nature reserve and out of bounds to anglers.

SCG members have exclusive access for fishing, although you may see the occasional birdwatcher etc from SWT on the water.

Carp stocks are fairly light but well established, and there are fish of mid and upper double figures among them. In addition there is also a healthy population of tench averaging about three pounds but with a few of twice that size. Roach are present, though not in the numbers that were found up to the eighties, and there is also a big head of perch and some pike, the largest of which have been caught to just under twenty pounds.

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