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Near the small town of Kinghorn, this is a loch of aprox 28 acres which has a stock of mirror and common carp to 30lbs+.

This water is living upto expectations having great potential as a big fish water with some of our fish doing very well indeed!

The Loch also has stocks of roach, perch and pike into double figures. The SCG has exclusive access to the North bank

(the conservation area) Anglers must fish from the swims provided. A maximum of three rods is allowed.

Carp fishing on the East shore (New Ecology Centre bank) is for SCG members only. Download SCG Rules

There are toilets available on the East and North shore along with The Barn on the Loch cafe serving great food at the farm.


Anglers using a boat must wear a life jacket at all times when on the water.

Update - SCG members fishing the North (SCG) Bank, please bring your rods in during Canoe club session's (only during times listed here) currently the weekly times are, Tuesday 6-8pm, Thursday 6-8pm, Saturday 10-12am

Winter sessions are Saturday 10-12am from 19th Oct

SCG Members can purchace a key for the gate to the car park on the east shore from the Ecology Centre.

(SCG membership card must be shown).

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