Group Rules 2022

Rules applicable to all Scottish Carp Group waters 

  • All fish must be returned alive and unharmed.
  • Unhooking mats must be used.
  • Anglers must carry a suitable Carp care kit or wound treatment solution such as Propolis.
  • Carp must not be retained in keepnets. Carp may be retained only for photographic purposes in purposed designed carp sacks or retaining sling, in which case the sack must be located in deep water, inspected regularly, and the fish released as soon as possible.
  • All litter must be removed from the swim the member is fishing, whether it is the member’s or not. This includes cigarette butts, tea bags etc.
  • SCG membership card should be carried at all times and be produced at the request of another member, bailiff or landowner.
  • No fires.
  • The unauthorised/illegal movement of ANY fish from or to any Scottish Carp Group water is strictly forbidden. Contravening this rule may lead to expulsion from the SCG and legal action may be taken.
  • A minimum sized landing net of 36 inches with knotless mesh must be used.
  • All rigs should be “Safety” rigs- if you are unsure contact the Committee or see one of our bailiffs.
  • Only shelters designed for angling should be used. For example, a red or blue camping tent would not be allowed.
  • In the interests of the membership, you are not allowed to have your kit in a swim and be away for more than two hours. This is to stop the unfair reservation of swims. Reserving of swims is not allowed unless an angler has just arrived and is returning to their vehicle to collect their tackle.
  • When fishing for Pike, only sea fish baits are allowed. This is to minimise the risk of introducing disease to our waters. The use of live bait is strictly forbidden and is illegal in Scotland.
  • Members can use a maximum number of 3 rods for fishing on all SCG waters.  This is inclusive of float rods or similar for other species.
  • No trees or bushes or foliage are to be cut/pruned/removed etc. unless at an organised work part or with permission of the committee.
  • Lifejackets must be always worn when using a boat.  Boating should be performed safely and sensibly where boats are permitted on SCG waters.   Members can only use electric motors on our venues and only where boats are allowed on the water.

Work Parties

All members are requested to attend work parties if possible.

Angling is NOT ALLOWED on waters during a work party.

Work Parties are beneficial for your angling and the maintenance of the waters.

Rules relating to individual Scottish Carp Group waters

Loch Libo

  • Access is via the level crossing only; members must not cross the railway line at any other point.  Fishing from permissible areas only. (See water guide on website).

Lanark Loch

  • Cars should not be taken to loch side at all as it is a public park.
  • Do not block any paths.
  • Fishing on Lanark Loch is not exclusively for SCG members, although fishing is free on production of a current SCG membership card.
  • No alcohol to be consumed at Lanark Loch.

Kinghorn Loch

  • Fishing from the conservation area (West end of North bank) is for Scottish Carp Group members ONLY and is from marked areas only. Please keep strictly to these areas and do not block the path. Carp fishing on the East Shore is also for Scottish Carp Group members only.
  • No fires or BBQ’S on SCG pegs- Please keep noise to a minimum
  • DO NOT damage any of the trees or bushes.
  • Members must have a valid SCG membership card with them and show them on request.
  • Fishing from all other areas on the North and Road bank is not allowed.
  • Rods must be cast from the bank or platform on Kinghorn- boats and bait boats cannot be used to place baited rigs.
  • Braid is banned from Kinghorn with the exception of marker and spod rod
  • Lifejackets must be worn on any Scottish Carp Group Water when using a boat.
  • No braided shockleaders on Kinghorn. They must be mono only.
  • Members can also use the toilets at the Farm / old Ecology centre on the left at top of hill but please respect the residents and be quiet during the night and early morning! An eco friendly composting toilet is also available on the East shore.

Danskine Loch

  • Barbless hooks only (you may use hooks with the barb crushed).
  • NO VEHICLES under any circumstances to be taken along the loch side track. Vehicles not to be taken any further than the car park.
  • Access to the loch & car park is via a locked gate, you must purchase a key to gain entry. No cars are to be parked on the road.
  • Strictly NO FIRES and NO DOGS
  • No fishing between 1stNovember to the 7th February (Closed for shooting)
  • Keep out of the woods on the outside of the track at all times

West Binny Reservoir

  • Under no circumstances should vehicles be taken into the field or down to the water.

(Updated 16/05/22) SCG Committee